Mr Biggie 2-Seater Sofa

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What’s Biggie…

📏 Extra 20cm per seat    💪 Stable joints for steady frame

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Mr Biggie 2-seater sofa has the two things you most care about: modern design that’s built to last.

There is room for more with this modern sofa design with wide armrests keep you cozy all day. It’s big, spacious and curvy. Worry for yourself becoming a couch potato but never the quality or durability of a MoKo sofa.

You can add it to the 1/3-seater as your home gets bigger to complete your 6 seater sofa set. The price of Mr Biggie 2-seater sofa varies with fabric used and once you order, we deliver to wherever you are in Kenya!

2-Seater Sofa Features

Looks crazy good;

  • A curvy sofa on all its edges and corners for that sexy vibe you like.
  • It’s sturdy, to give your room a mighty look.

Built really well;

  • An extra 20cm per seat (10cm in depth; 10cm in width), compared to a standard 2-seater sofa in Kenya, hence 40cm of more space. It allows more than 3 loungers and at utmost comfort too!
  • Firm seats made of foam (same as in MoKo mattress) that won’t sink over time, and stapled fabric so it won’t come off easy. It’s here for a good and a long time.
  • Very stable, with joints glued and screwed and will survive your worst nightmares; moving or jumpy kids? Mr Biggie can take it all without a twitch.

Sofa Dimensions

  • Width – 850 mm (0.8M)
  • Height – 820 mm (0.8M)
  • Length – 1856 mm (1.8M)

Additional information

Sofa Fabric

Chenille, Sven, Woven A

Sofa Color

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