Here at MoKo, we design products just for you (yes, you!) that are stylish and unique, at pocket-friendly prices.

To MoKofy your home is to create your dream home with us. One that is #FUNctional, #FUNKtional, #Gutsy, and #ADDventurous!

We won’t just MoKofy your house, we want to MoKofy your life with great service too. We can’t wait to bring you smilezzzzz

Starting From KSh. 9,099

Starting From KSh. 6,959

Customer Reviews
Excellent customer service, the product I bought speaks for itself value for my cash, to top it all they exceeded my expectations by delivering a handwritten thank you note and a free gift!!! MoKo you are the best! me and my family can't thank you enough! I will MoKofy my whole village!!!
Cheri Wetete
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