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MoKo @ a glance

2020 MoKo Now (2020)
2025 5 Year Vision (2025)
Start (2014) MoKo Founded
2017 First Consumer Pilot Product
2018 MoKo Home + Living Brand Launched

Why MoKo Started

MoKo’s CEO, Fio, explains the history of MoKo and discusses our plans for the exponential growth of the smiley-est furniture brand in Kenya.

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The MoKo Culture

Wondering whether you’re you a good fit for MoKo? Here are some insights into our company culture and the qualities that make MoKo-ers successful. If you challenge the status quo, are enthusiastic about growing personally and professionally, and are energized by passionate people, MoKo may just be the place for you!

Our Values

Great achievements are always fueled by great passion. A rich company culture, with core values shared by all, is what drives us to be better and do better. Our values are simple, yet inspire us and contribute to our mission and success. The handy acronym, INSPIRE, reminds us of these values.


I Infinity

We’re on a quest, a “spaceship to infinity,” to make ourselves, and everything that we do, better.

N No Nonsense

We know the only way to get better is to be honest with each other and ourselves. We value open, direct communication and transparency.

S Supportive
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You’ve heard there’s no “I” in team, right? We know that there is strength in unity so we stick together to achieve our goals.

P Passion

Great achievements are always fueled by great passion. Our success is founded in the deep passion we have for accomplishing our goals.

I Initiative

We take charge, and make things happen. We know how to get results. We don’t wait to be told; we do what we gotta do to get the results we need.

R Real

We’re the real deal. Our customers are our #1 priority and we never do anything that isn’t in our customers’ best interests.

E Enthusiasm

We love happy customers! It’s our mission to create a world of smiles—one sofa and mattress at a time.

What’s a day in the life of a MoKo-er like?”

Check here for videos of our MoKo heroes in action, and get a feel of what it’s like to be on the team.