FREE fluffy gifts by MoKo referral program

We have noticed an interesting trend among our customers. They are so thrilled with their MoKo purchase that they excitedly encourage their friends and family to get MoKofied as well. To show our appreciation, we decided reward these referral efforts.

This was the conception and birth of our referral reward program! 

Tell me more about this Referral thingy. How do I get FREE throw pillows?

It’s as easy as ABC. No for real, there are literally 3 simple rules!

  • You should be a MoKo customer. It does not matter what you bought, as long as you are MoKofied.
  • Your friend should buy MoKo products worth at least KES 8,500.
  • You should claim your gift by filling out this short form within one month of your friend’s purchase.

See, easy peasy!

We have a range of products at the MoKo online furniture shop which you can refer your friends and family to buy. These include:

Is it possible for me to refer someone or be referred and fail to get pillows?

Yes, but only when you don’t follow the 3 simple rules above. These are the two steps that most people forget:

  • Mentioning that you were referred by a friend when placing your order. When we are taking your order, we will always ask you how you found out about MoKo. All you have to do is respond with, “I was referred by a friend.” We’ll follow up from there.
  • Claiming your gift by filling out this form within 1 month of your referred friend’s purchase. It takes less than one minute, we promise. Don’t forget.

How many friends can I refer?

As many as you like! And you do realize the more friends the more pillows and comfier you get right? The MoKo family has space for you and you and you and… Well, you get the picture.

What if I can’t find my invoice number?

Your invoice number is located on the receipt you received from us when our delivery ninjas delivered your MoKo item.

Reach out to us via call/WhatsApp on 0701 61 61 61. You can also DM us on Facebook or Instagram. One of our heart-warming customer care agents will either confirm your invoice number in the system or assign you a referral code.

How soon can I receive my pillows after I refer my friends?

The referral pillows will be delivered around 1 week after you have claimed your gift by filling out this form.

How do I get all the fluffiness and make everyone else jealous?

One, get MoKofied! Two, encourage your family, friends and even your frenemies to get MoKofied. Three, claim your gift by filling out this short form within one month of your friend’s purchase.

Please get in touch with us if you have any further questions regarding our referral program. We’re always happy to help 🙂