How We Cook Your MoKo Foam Mattress

“What is in this MoKo Foam mattress? It’s so heavy.”

When MoKo dreamers speak about the MoKo mattress, most of you mention that you were surprised by how heavy it is. Honestly, we find such feedback surprising because everyone knows that heavy sleep starts with a heavy mattress, right? Okay, maybe we just made that one up.

Today, we’re giving you an exclusive tour of our sleep kitchen to show you how we cook your MoKo mattress. We really enjoyed your guesses about what makes it so heavy though.


First things first — we know it’s heavy but no, rocks are not an ingredient we use to bake your MoKo mattress. We use foam scraps from overseas. Our very own operator aka Mpishi Mkubwa is responsible for the transformation of these not-so-good-looking scraps into the beautiful sleep havens you have come to love. Hint hint — feel free to nominate him for a Nobel prize for all that recycling he does daily. It’s truly planet-saving work.

Let’s step into his sleep kitchen, shall we? To start breathing life into the foam scraps, the master chef and his team put these raw materials through a rigorous rebonding process. This basically means mixing and condensing the foam scraps into large foam blocks which eventually become a mattress.

The rebonding machine has a special mwiko (mixer) and sufuria (mold box) that are responsible for rigorous mixing and baking at high temperatures to produce a very yummy mattress. We then sterilize the blocks at freakishly high temperatures to kill any bacteria that were daring enough to hide in the scraps. Finally, the cake mattress is pulled out of the “oven” and left to cool and gain its bouncy feel.


Seeing as this is no ordinary cake mattress, we use Mkata Kweli – a very special knife – to slice up the blocks into the various mattress sizes we offer. The computerized dedicated cutting line (that’s its fancy technical name) is fed with specific dimensions and it then slices up each block with spectacular precision.

The icing on the cake

You must be thinking: shouldn’t icing come before slicing? We like to do things differently around here😜. Before we can serve your cake mattress, our incredible stitching team jumps to work to dress it up in a uniquely patterned fabric. It’s then wrapped and ready to sweeten your naps once you buy MoKo mattress online.

A heavy-duty cake mattress

We hope this settles the debate about how we cook your high-density MoKo mattress. Deep down, we also hope all the cake analogies make you hungry for sweet MoKofied naps.

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