Thicky Legs Coffee Table

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Please Note: We DO NOT deliver coffee tables outside Nairobi

What’s latte…

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The MoKo tables have turned…up! Introducing the newest, thickest, Thicky Legs coffee table. Your living room is just an order away from being the fanciest in the block. The legs stand tall and thick to hold up well the weight of  your utensils, full to the brim and even you! The soft edges are gentle to the human touch and goes easy on you when you accidentally bump into it (unlike sharper corners)

Thicky Legs is the perfect amount of thicc, to stay durable and standing no matter the tribulations.

Treat it well though, it’s quite the beauty.

Coffee Table Features

  • Looks crazy good;
    • Thicky Legs boasts a one-in-a-million style with curvy shapes and chunky legs, giving your living room a fresh, sleek look that will wow the whole village.
    • Our unique top surface features a shape never seen before, adding a touch of originality to your space.
    • Soft curves ensure that Thicky Legs is safe for toddlers to play around, with no sharp edges or corners to worry about.
  • Built really well;
    • Thicky Legs has unbreakable legs that can withstand intense impact, making it ideal for homes with active children (fear not, the children can play!)
    • Our 100% wood material is specifically and carefully sourced, ensuring it is sturdy and long-lasting, with no knots or wetness that could cause splitting, cracking, or breaking.
    • We use super strong joint-design and long screws (which are better than nails as they don’t bend) to join our thick top surface of 4.5cm with chunky legs, ensuring Thicky Legs will last too long. You can always get another one in different colour when bored

Coffee Table Dimensions

  • Length – 110 cm
  • Width – 60 cm
  • Height – 44.5 cm

Additional information

Table Color

Charcoal Black, Kahawa Brown, Pearl white, Cedar, Mahogany

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