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The Snuggly Wooden Bed You Need

You have probably seen a wooden bed when casually staring out the window on-board a recklessly speeding matatu. You think you have seen this before but NO. This is different and that’s kinda the point.

This is Zzze Hug Bed.

It is smooth on the side and thick at the feet with a headboard that leans in ‘for a hug’. A stable looking chap that will have you falling in love at first sight. It doesn’t just sit pretty but is also super functional. I bet you want a safe landing pad after that vigorous night out after enjoyment, cuddles and all Zzze good stuff that comes with it.

What about Zzze Hug bed is so fancy?

One thing about MoKo is that the bed design is for YOU. Yes YOU who likes nice things and even nicer bedtime. These bed features are to swoon over;

  1. The headboard hugs you and your mattress so it’s all good vibes and endless naps when on it. See the removable headboard cushion that you can easily wash anytime it catches some sweat.removable headboard cushion
  2. You should know by now that thicc legs save lives, and that’s where the chunky legs come in. If you get busy, you won’t hear a squeak or fall.
  3. We hate to see you stumbling when moving bulky slats. We have used rolling slats that can be rolled and carried around easily, like a handbag.
  4. Dear girlies, your expensive manicures are safe from the horrors of tucking in sheets. It’s easy peasy because the mattress sits on top of the bed base.
  5. It catches you after a long day after work when you fall like a sack of potatoes and the strong bed frame makes sure. The frame is joined using high tensile steel bolts to keep it forever steady and squeaky free.


The most modern bed design in Kenya that lasts very long. Here is why;

  1. The wood used to make the bed is 100% solid heavy wood.
  2. Wood glue, screws and nails have been used to join parts and the chunky legs to make the bed so stable, that it doesn’t squeak. Trust it to be very, very discrete. 
  3. The paint is solvent-based and designed to have a fast drying ability and improved resistance to wear and tear. Just dust your bed off often and let it shine on for years.

What makes the MoKo Bed a smart buy?

  • It is easy to assemble. The MoKo delivery team will assemble it for you upon delivery and you can just watch in awe. If you rather DIY or when moving, we have a set of instructions to guide you through it. It takes less than 10 minutes for two people!
  • It is available in four colours; Kahawa Brown, Stone Gray, Charcoal Black and Pearl White. These beautiful colours will suit your personal bedroom décor.
  • The headboard cushions. Also available in different colours and fabrics; Chenille blue, Sven light grey, Sven charcoal grey and Sven blue. They add variety when trying out cute Pinterest looks and feel for your bedroom without changing your bed.

MoKO cushion fabric

How much is Zzze Hug bed?

It’s worth it. But maybe we should just put in friendly numbers for formality.

Bed Sizes Bed Prices Delivery Bed Colours
3 by 6 Ksh 8,089 Free within Nairobi,

up to Ksh 1,500 outside Nairobi

-Kahawa Brown

-Stone Gray

-Charcoal Black

-Pearl White

3.5 by 6 Ksh 8,229
4 by 6 Ksh 8,399
5 by 6 Ksh 11,559
6 by 6 Ksh 12,599
  • The removable headboard cushions are purchased separately;
Fabric Colour Price
Chenille Dark Blue Ksh 1,629
Sven Charcoal Grey / Light Grey / Blue Ksh 1,419


Looks like you are ready for your cuddle buddy. Call/WhatsApp us on 0701616161 to order and we will be looking forward to hearing your bedtime stories!