Fun Indoor Activities For Kids During This Holiday

Kids. One minute they are cute and oh-so-lovable; the next, you want to ship them off to Kamiti Maximum Prison when they get too unruly. That feeling intensifies at times like these when schools are closed. The simple truth is, they just need some fun and that’s exactly what these exciting yet insanely affordable games have to offer.

Adrenaline-filled treasure hunts

Kids (and several grown-ups we know) love hide and seek. Now, add a treasure chest to that mix and it’s a whole new thrill. Hide fun stuff around your house and give the kids clues on where to find them. Aside from providing mind-jogging exercises, treasure hunts also create great bonding times for the fam. To spice things up, form teams amongst yourselves as a family and play against each other for a prize.

A MoKobulous kids’ fort

Remember cha mama na cha baba🙈? We bet you do. You’ll agree with us that this and other pretend play games are so much more fun when you have your own space. Using household items such as a mattress, pouf, and Jiji sofa pillows, you can help your child build the coolest fort in history. The kids’ fort acts as a playground and a brilliant space to teach them how to keep their room tidy.

A homemade bouncing castle

Regardless of your mattress size, you can turn that snooze zone into a homemade bouncing castle and let the kids get jumpy all they want. Better yet, join in and show them an acrobatic move or two from your golden days. The best part is that you earn yourself a few peaceful hours of not scolding them for running around the house and almost knocking over the glassware. You’re welcome 😉.

Knock them out

Now that they’ve had a long jumpy day exercising their tinnie-tiny muscles, what next? Well, the best way to end the day is by knocking them out the good new-fashioned way – by tucking them into their cozy MoKo mattress and shipping them off to dreamland!

After a day filled with boundless energy and play, it’s essential to ensure that your little ones receive the care they need, even as they drift off into dreamland. As you tuck them snugly into their cozy MoKo mattress, consider the importance of their skincare regimen, particularly as they rest and rejuvenate during the night.

Organic baby clothes offer a natural and chemical-free approach to caring for your child’s skin, minimizing the risk of irritation and discomfort that may arise from conventional fabrics. As they sleep soundly, wrapped in the comfort of these thoughtfully chosen garments, you can rest assured knowing that their skin is receiving the utmost care and attention. By prioritizing their skincare needs, even in the quiet moments of bedtime, you continue to foster an environment of love, comfort, and well-being for your cherished little ones.

More MoKo fun!

Playing at home is fun. But playing at MoKo Home is funner. Every weekend, our showrooms are a buzz of fun-filled activities for you and your family, ranging from face painting to treasure hunts and lots of MoKofied prize giveaways. Come hang out with us and let’s make Monday jealous of the weekend🥳.


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