Don’t Sleep Like A Baby!

Sleeping like a baby is cool, right? WRONG!

That’s what we thought too until a section of MoKo dreamers pointed out that their babies spend nights doing more crying than sleeping. The dreamers were also gracious enough to suggest other phrases that you can use to describe your naps on a MoKo mattress. We have a feeling you’ll relate to at least one of them.

Sleep like a Husband

Husbands are immune to babies’ cries at night, so we’re told. It’s a miracle how anyone can survive all that wailing. Although it drives their wives crazy, you can’t help but envy such deep sleep. In fact, the next time someone asks you how your night was, here’s a new response for that – I slept like a MoKofied husband.

Sleep like a cat in the afternoon

Nothing spells paradise like a sweet afternoon nap on a sunny day after enjoying a good meal. Sadly, you can’t always have your way. While you are stuck at work or school after lunch, there’s a cat somewhere around the corner who’s unapologetically catching some zzz’s. Wouldn’t you just love to trade places?


Sleep like a log

Everyone knows logs are not conscious so they cannot actually sleep. But still, we can all relate to that deep unexplainable type of sleep that can only be likened to a lifeless object. Remember that time you slept through all your alarms. You didn’t wake up to snooze, you just didn’t hear a single ring. Yap, that’s what we’re talking about.

Sleep like someone who isn’t listed on CRB

If you’ve ever been a loan defaulter, you know too well that being listed on the CRB (Credit Reference Bureau) in Kenya comes with its fair share of stress. On the other hand, the peace of mind that comes with clearing debt is unfathomable. Now add some refreshing naps on a MoKo mattress to that stress-free situation and this expression totally makes sense. It’s the perfect definition of living your best life.

Revamp your sleep too

Let’s face it, what matters the most is not your favorite sleeping vocabulary. Despite the expression you use, you deserve a mattress that can help you enjoy deep relaxing nap that’s just out of this world. So buy mattress online and we will deliver so you get to sleep like a husband too (we just had to).

P.S. We are submitting our application to the International Board of Sleep-related Expressions to add the aforementioned phrases to the sleep dictionary.

Hurry and drop us a comment on your best expression for good sleep. We’ll include it in our application.