What Black Friday Means To Different People

Black Friday is here! Like the great wildebeest migration, it comes with such a huge buzz that’s hard to miss. While we’re all caught in the buzz, today we’re going to explore what Black Friday means to different people including MoKoers.

Black Friday according to 1950s police

In the shopping world, Black Friday as we know it got its name from the police in Philadephia. However, they actually borrowed the phrase from the Black Friday gold market collapse of September 24, 1869. The police used Black Friday to describe the chaos surrounding the congestion of pedestrians and vehicles in downtown shopping areas on the day after Thanksgiving. These often resulted in traffic accidents, violence, and shoplifting.

Black Friday according to 1950s employees

In the 1950s, staff began calling in sick the day after Thanksgiving, which officially falls on the fourth Thursday of November. This gave people a four-day weekend and a perfect head start on their holiday shopping. Bosses soon realized what was happening but surprisingly, they gave up on trying to determine who was legitimately sick. Businesses began to have Black Friday day as another paid holiday.

Black Friday according to 1950s retailers

Retailers did not like the negative connotation associated with Black Friday, first by the stock market crash then the police. They took it upon themselves to make a black day positive by using the term Black Friday to promote early Christmas deals and discounts. Since most people rushed to start early Christmas shopping on the day after Thanksgiving, the name soon spread to other US states.

Black Friday according to modern-day retailers and shoppers

Gradually, the term was adopted by countries across the globe, including Kenya. It is popularly known as a day when retailers offer their best deals. Shoppers throng online and offline stores to enjoy awesome discounts on various products ranging from electronics to fashion items. Much to shopper’s delight, some retailers now offer Black Friday discounts for extended periods in November. This is possibly to reduce the deaths and injuries associated with Black Friday mayhem.

Black Friday according to MoKoers

Since one day is not enough to reward our customers, MoKo offers the best deals all year round. But FOMO will kill us if we don’t participate in such a big event. This year, in honor of Black Friday, we figured rocking black outfits and taking tons of photos with letter balloons would be a pretty good spend of our time.

Black Friday according to MoKofied customers

After spending your day chasing all those incredible Black Friday discounts, MoKo has just the perfect ending for you. Turn off the lights, slide into your comfy MoKo mattress, draw a blanket over your head and zone out into dreamland.