Our Leadership Team

Meet the MoKo “Dream Team!” We’re intelligent and innovative, and work towards our one common goal: providing customers with brighter, better, more comfortable lifestyles.

Our rich company culture creates a results-driven and customer-focused experience. It’s rewarding and fun for our employees, while guaranteeing smiles from satisfied customers. When customers are happy, we’re happy. Simple as that.

All team members bring their “A” game to help us achieve our mission of an affordable and better home lifestyle for all. The quality of our teams is at the core of the success of our mission. Members of our senior leadership team are responsible for developing their teams and motivating them to deliver ambitious results that ensure continued growth of our constantly-evolving company. 

Every successful mission is built on the foundation of strong leadership. As a member of our leadership team, you can help us create the “Moko magic” that makes life better for so many! 

Eric Kouskalis


One half of Moko’s founding team, Eric has a history of joining organizations at their early states and creating successful projects from promising ideas. Before founding Moko, he worked as a Programs Director with top global charity Evidence Action, leading a program that scaled to serve over 1 million people in 3 countries. 

As Moko’s inspirational captain, Eric builds and supports all of the Moko departments, sets the strategic direction of the company, and manages relationships with investors. 

Great ideas aren’t the only thing Eric cooks up! After spending his days steering the Moko ship to new horizons, you’ll find Chef Kous whipping up delicious food in the kitchen.

MoKo Co-founder Fiorenzo

Fiorenzo Conte


Fio is the other half of Moko’s founding team. Before his Moko days, he worked in public health as a Technical Project Lead with Dimagi, leading the implementation of a new mobile-based drugs distribution system that reduced stock out rate and was scaled nation-wide in Senegal.

Fio is integral in creating and operationalizing Moko’s core culture values across all teams. He also leads the team in innovating new furniture products that are sure to put smiles on customer faces and grow the number of “Mokofied” families.

Don’t let Fio’s cool demeanor fool you. He has a serious talent for inspiring employee passion and excitement. That enthusiasm translates flawlessly to his football team, Napoli, as he cheers them on with high-pitched screams that he swears helps lead them to victory.

Eileen Wainaina


“E” is for efficiency and Eileen is all about it! Beginning her career at USG Sweetwater, Texas as a project and process engineer, she eventually worked her way up the ladder to manufacturing management.

As the Head of Manufacturing at Moko, Eileen’s role is to ensure that we’re making enough products in the most efficient, productive, and safe way. More efficiency = more Mokofied homes!

Eileen likes to keep things real chill when she’s not busy overseeing product manufacturing. To unwind, she enjoys a good book, a comforting cup of hot tea, and music. In fact, in another life, she’d probably be a singer.

Ranjith Ravindranathan


Ranjith is a Mechanical Engineer and a Management graduate from the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. He began his career with Suzuki Motor corporation and has more than 25 years of experience in managing manufacturing firms. Prior to joining Moko, he was the Chief Operating Officer and Head of Commercial Finance of one of the biggest retail chains in Southern Africa. Ranjith is also an alumnus of London Business School and has  completed the exam requirements needed to earn a CFA Charter.

As Vice President of Operations and Manufacturing at Moko, Ranjith works towards optimising the operations of the company to help elevate Moko to the next level. He also heads the procurement function of the company. 

This proud father of 3 is an avid football fan of Real Madrid CF and is a lifelong Brazil fan. He’s also very into mathematical puzzles and handles classes on Maths aptitude development.

Mary Mwaura

Growth Operations Director

Meet Mary, Our Growth Operations Director &  a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in Kenya’s dynamic social enterprise landscape.

Before MoKo she worked with Komaza Forestry Ltd, where she impacted significant growth of the core farmer operations from 70 to over 400 employees & scaled up field operations across Kilifi, Kwale, and Nyandarua & the farmer numbers from 1200 to an impressive 36,000, planting over 6000 acres of forest cover annually!

At MoKo,  Mary will manage the online, retail, and customer service teams and give coaching, training, and day-to-day support to those teams to continue bringing smiles to our customers.

When the work cape comes off, Mary’s all about cozy vibes—knitting, crocheting, and getting lost in nature on walks and safaris.

Alexander Etsabo


Alexander brings almost two decades of manufacturing and operations experience to Moko. He has processed tea, macadamia nuts, and dried fruits, and has managed the Macadamia, Cashew and Fruits supply and value chains. When employed with Tensenses Africa (EPZ) Ltd, Alex oversaw a 400% increase in manufacturing capacity for macadamia nuts, as well as aggressive manufacturing expansion into dried fruits for export. 

As Moko’s Deputy Head of Manufacturing, Alex is in charge of the day-to-day manufacturing operations and functions to ensure the cost effective, safe, and efficient production of high quality products. Alex also monitors the strategic growth and expansion initiatives, with the current focus on the foam production line. 

A man of deep faith, Alex enjoys spending time with family, watching Christian movies (his favorite is Courageous) and jamming to Christian music. 


Carolyne Wambui


Carolyne started as an intern at Walter Reed, and worked her way up to production lead in the pharmaceutical industry. A true team player, her greatest passion is helping her team achieve their greatest potential. In her tenure as a production lead at Regal Pharmaceuticals, she worked closely with her team and saw over 50% of them rise into leadership positions. 

As a production manager at Moko, Carolyne’s focus is ensuring that Moko meets customer needs in terms of timeliness and quality, while at the same time, maintaining efficiency in processes.  

This stylish scarf-wearing lady enjoys constructing LEGO creations, and is also a puzzle-solving machine! (Think: 1000 piece puzzles!) 

Njeri Kihara

Head of B2B

 Meet Njeri Kihara, our Head of B2B &  a seasoned pro with a knack for making deals happen. on her belt, Njeri wears a whopping 12 years in the sales game, including a decade navigating the exciting world of FMCG with brands like PZ Cussons, Unga Ltd, Kimfay E.A. Ltd, and Bidco Africa.
When she’s not busy cracking sales strategies, Njeri channels her passion into mentoring and training fresh faces in the industry, spreading her wisdom through fun groups like Women in Sales.
At Moko, Njeri is the mastermind behind our B2B channel. She’s the wizard responsible for steering our sales ship to success, juggling revenue targets, and budgets, and ensuring our channel stays profitable.
Fun fact: Njeri is an introvert who is focused on what happens outside

Peninah Anne Njeri


Peninah has tons of experience in product marketing and content creation.  At Moko, Peninah manages the marketing team and helps to ensure remarkable customer experiences that cultivate brand love and really get those “Moko smiles.” She also pilots lead generation by running targeted ads on various digital channels. She’s proud to have helped Moko grow from a mattress company to the big brand specialising in a wide variety of home products that it is today.

Marketing may be its own sort of art form, but Peninah has a particular penchant for painting–if only she had more time to do it!

Margaret Waithera


Margaret previously worked with farmers, organising farmers’ exhibitions to connect suppliers with the ‘interior’ Kenya by providing a platform that showcased their products and brought the end-users, who were farmers. 


Margaret’s been a Moko-er for several years, having risen through the ranks from officer to junior manager. Over her time with Moko, she has worked with many people who have challenged her to be the best version of herself, and helped her lead the introduction of a new product line, filter foam. She oversaw everything from its inception to the market-to- sale strategy, which led to a huge revenue increase within a few months. Filter foam is now responsible for 30% of monthly sales. She embraces the idea of continued growth and development at Moko. 


When Margaret needs a break from the real world, she finds comfort in the realm of fantasy books. Getting lost in a fantastic fictional world is Margaret’s recipe for relaxation.