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The Best Sofa Fabric For You

Sofa fabric is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a sofa. But when there so much to choose from, how do you end up settling for one? That’s the riddle we’ll be cracking today. We’ll help you understand how your preferred sofa fabric relates to your personality. You’ll also get unique insight into what makes various MoKo sofa fabrics different. If you don’t already have a sofa, this 3-minute read will help you to choose the best sofa fabric for you.

The Passionate Perfectionist (Fabric: Chenile)

Are you passionate about having everything in order, be it in your house, the office or any task you take on? Well, the thread that makes the Chenile fabric is particularly woven for you. Just like you, this sofa fabric loves perfection.

Thanks to your personality, you’ll be careful not to use a brush so that you don’t ruin the pile. Simply wiping with a wet cloth will remove the dirt. Here’s an extra tip — if you really have to brush this fabric, avoid the use of water and brush in the direction of the pile to retain its perfection.

The Cheery Dearie (Fabric: Sven)

You just can’t help it that you’re the cheer of every room you walk into. People love being around you and sometimes, that includes hanging out in your house too. Just like you, the Sven fabric is lustrous and brightens any room it seats in.

It just so happens that your sofa is also the envy of all your friends, just like everything else in your house. The Sven, your preferred sofa fabric, is also easy to clean so you don’t mind it when your friend Daisy gets clumsy with her wine. After a quick wipe with a wet cloth, your sofa will look brand new just like the day MoKo delivered it to your house.

The Tough Dove (Fabric: Woven A)

Everyone knows you as the tough fella/chica and nothing can faze you. Like the Woven A sofa fabric, you wear your boldness so well that it’s become your most charming quality. People feel safe being around you because beneath that tough demeanor is a kind and possibly fluffy heart.

But everyone knows that your serious face and stern voice are not to be messed with. They especially come in handy to warn the kids not to mess with your stylish sofa lest they dent it. Stains are least of your worries though because light washing with non-aggressive detergents will clean up the sofa in a flash.

Does Any of These Sofa Fabrics Describe You?

Yes? Awesome! Then choosing the perfect sofa fabric for you will be the least of your worries when you place your order with MoKo. In case you’re unsure about which one to pick you can always visit our showrooms at Greenspan Mall, Donholm and The Point Mall, Buruburu. Sometimes, making the right choice is a case of love at first touch.

But hey, if you like all three, get all of them. The more the merrier! Call/WhatsApp us on 0708708823 and place your sofa order today.