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Zzze Rug – Kimya Red

KSh 6,500

What’s Good

💧 Water and dust resistant    🔶 High density rug

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We’re the one and only MoKo carpets : )

We come in 2 Mokolicious collections to bring colour and comfort to as many homes as possible. As with all Moko products, we are a combination of quality, innovation and affordability. 

Each collection has 3 different and affordable price points because our goal is to be as accessible to as many people as possible. So take a seat, enjoy the view and get ready to be mokofied!

Hi, we are Zzze Rugs

We’re distant relatives of the mokoer rugs! We come in 2 different styles, Mono colour for the minimalists and Picasso patterns for the bold souls. With our specially selected blend of colours and unique patterns, we’re here to prove to you that you can have luxurious style and impress your guests at an affordable price. 


  • Looks crazy good
    • Sooo comfortable to touch and use. Our yarn has a high density that makes us very soft and warm: so we go well with tiles and cold floors that you find in most houses in Nairobi. It feels like a warm cloud when you step on. Because we’re soft we’re also child friendly: toddlers can crawl and play and have a time of their lives
    • We have the perfect mix of colours to keep our shininess. Because the way we mix and match colours we make it harder for guests to see the dirt: yay to always making the living room always look spot-on!
  • Built really well
    • We’re dust resistant: Our secret recipe for dust resistance is high density + the right pile height + synthetic fibre. 
    • High density and medium-height piles are good because low density and loose carpets make it easy for dust to enter the carpet. 
    • Synthetic is good because it is anti-static which means we don’t attract dust. 
    • We are water resistant: synthetic fibre is hydrophobic which means we have a low absorption capacity which makes it easy to wipe it off if you happen to spill.Yay to more time chilling and less time cleaning : )


Delivery time Next day
Delivery cost Nrb: 150
Outside Nairobi: 250 to the closest G4S office and 300 to your doorstep
Payment terms Pay upon delivery via mpesa/PDQ
Dimensions (Length x Width) 160cm x 235 cm

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