8 Benefits of Sleeping Naked

What do you prefer: sleeping naked or with clothes on?

As with anything in life, we all have our preferences on this issue. If you prefer either of the two, you probably don’t even know why. It’s simply because you like it that way, right?

Well, today, you’re going to discover the benefits of sleeping naked. If you’re on the “clothes on” side of the debate, gear up for some very compelling points that might just have you taking off your pajamas.

1. Wanna fall asleep faster and enjoy deeper sleep? Sleep naked.

Regulating your body temperature is an integral part of how fast you fall asleep. When you sleep naked, your body cools down and that tells your circadian rhythm – the biological clock that regulates functions such as how you sleep – that it’s time to send you to slumberland.

Remember that the intention is to feel cool, not cold. Getting too cold or too hot makes it harder for you to fall asleep. Ever slipped one leg out of your blankies and that just felt perfect? That’s your body trying to find the perfect temperature to sleep.

Research shows that the optimal room temp for good sleep is 15 to 19°C. As you go commando, ensure that you have warm covers and a comfortable mattress so that you can enjoy deeper sleep that’s not interrupted by spikes or drops in body temperature.

2. Sleeping naked reduces stress and anxiety and stabilizes your mood

We’ve already established that sleeping without clothes helps you to enjoy better sleep quality. It’s also no secret that a good nap is a common remedy for stress and anxiety.

Additionally, improving the quality of your sleep by sleeping naked also reduces the chances of getting insomnia, which is a common cause of increased stress levels.

3. Sleeping naked keeps your skin healthy

By improving the quality of your sleep, sleeping naked also helps you to maintain healthy skin. Research shows that inadequate sleep causes wrinkles, drooping and dark circles under your eyes.

It gets even better, one 2015 study showed that sleep also improves your skin’s ability to heal wounds such as blisters and cuts. All in all, I guess you can say that sleeping naked gives you that flawless glow. [Alexa, play Flawless by Beyonce]

4. Pssst! Sleeping naked also boosts intimacy with your partner 😉

If you have a partner, you might want to consider encouraging them to also strip down to your birthday suit before bed. Why? Well, that skin-to-skin contact increases feelings of fulfillment and helps you to feel closer to your bae.

couple having a fun pillow fight

It releases oxytocin in your body, which is the feel-good hormone that’s responsible for building attachments between partners. So don’t just lie next to each other, ensure that you cuddle or rather look for positions that encourage skin-to-skin contact.

5. Did you know that sleeping naked helps with weight loss?

Sleeping with zero clothing on cools down your body. To keep you warm, your body activates brown fat that’s known to produce 300 times more heat than any other body organ by burning calories.

In turn, this boosts your metabolism and can help you to lose weight. But don’t get too excited and start a junk food diet or cancel your gym membership though. You still need to put in your regular exercise and maintain a good diet.

6. Sleeping naked promotes female reproductive health

Tight panties are a breeding ground for vaginal yeast infections. Despite what you wear during the day, sleeping naked may help improve vaginal health and reduce yeast infections by allowing adequate air circulation.

7. You can protect male fertility by sleeping naked

Wearing tight-fitting underwear has been linked with low sperm count and reduced fertility. According to studies, tight underwear increases the temperature around a man’s groin area and that can damage his sperm.

Going to bed naked is recommended to help cool your body temperature and, in turn, increase your sperm health. But hey, if going commando is not your cup of tea, wearing loose boxers to bed is your next best option.

8. Up for some self-esteem and confidence boost? Sleep naked

Fun fact: Did you know that spending time naked can help to promote a positive body image, boost your self-esteem and lead to greater life satisfaction?

While the results of that study refer to naturist activities, we acknowledge that spending your day naked might be a little hard. Sleeping naked is the next best way to get doses of that nudity-induced confidence. Give it a try!

Tips To Start Sleeping Naked

There’s no denying that the “sleep naked” movement makes a strong argument. However, in the spirit of inclusivity, we figured we’d also share some valid points raised by the “pants on” battalion. We’ve also used them as a guide to things you might want to consider before you start sleeping nude.

  • Someone could walk in on me while I’m naked, like a nosy roommate or sibling who never knocks.

Tip: Don’t keep it a secret. Communicating that you sleep naked with the people you live with will help to ensure that knock before walking into your room.

  • It might be too cold when I get up to pee or get water (or a midnight snack, ahem)
  • What if there’s an emergency like a fire or burglary that requires me to dash out of bed? Trying to get dressed in that confusion will be tricky.

Tip: Keep a piece of clothing that you can quickly wear close to your bed. It could be a robe or even your pajamas.

  • But I like that my clothes help to soak up all the body sweat when I sleep.

Tips: Take a shower right before bed to help keep your sheets cleaner for longer.
You can also buy a few more extra sheets since you might need to replace them with a clean pair a lot more often if you sleep naked.

  • I just prefer to have a barrier between your man/lady parts and the bed.

Tip: Wear loose underwear. It’ll provide the barrier you need without feeling like it’s too much clothing.

  • This going commando is just not my thing.
  • My partner is not into the idea.

Tips: Try sleeping in only a T-shirt or underwear for the first few nights to help you adjust to the sensation of wearing fewer clothes.

Invest in better beddings and a good quality mattress like the MoKo mattress, so that you’re comfortable when you start sleeping nude.

Make sure your bed is warm, and add blankets if you need to.

Create a bedtime ritual to help you wind down and start lowering your body temperature before you shed your clothes for the night.

Verdict: Commando or No commando?

Well, that sums it! We hope you are now more enlightened about the benefits of sleeping naked. Not only is it pretty comfy, but it’s also packed with a range of health benefits that you’ll want to take advantage of.

Having read through the post, what’s your verdict: would you rather sleep naked or with clothes on?